Our Programs.

Individual Therapy

We accept clients of all ages and practice a variety of clinical techniques and evidence-based and experiential modalities of treatment such as: play-based, CBT informed, DBT informed, trauma informed, attachment based, animal supported, family systems, experiential, and strengths-based. Many of our clients have been victims of abuse, neglect, or trauma, and are struggling with mental illness, addiction, PTSD, poverty, autism, or other learning disabilities. Each of our therapists has different strengths and we work to match you with a practitioner who will best meet your specific needs.

Animal-Supported Therapy

In our program, we work with trained services dogs to help support children and families who struggle with trauma, divorce, autism, and emotional disabilities. Our site utilizes “Therapy Chickens” and guinea pigs and our animals are eager to meet you! We also partner with other organizations or personnel to provide other animal-focused treatment during the year, such as goats and dogs.

Family Engagement

By operating under a family-centered, strengths-based approach, we are able to partner with caregivers to assess the needs of the entire family, set goals, and work collaboratively to create and implement an action plan and specific goals. Communicating with family members in an open, honest way facilitates a culture of long-term support and mutual cooperation. In this model, we provide direct case management services and strive to meet the individual needs of each family member. It is important that all voices be heard. We offer clients family sessions in conjunction with private, one-on-one sessions with separate therapists within our practice so we are able to simultaneously address individual and group needs.

Targeted Case Management

At times birth, foster, adoptive, kinship, or adoptive families may struggle to effectively navigate parenting, behaviors, or environmental stressors in a home. We work to stabilize families suffering with mental, behavioral, physical, emotional, or situational distress and problems by providing necessary immediate or long-term assistance and care. Our personalized assessments help families identify key difficulties, strengthen connectedness, grow relationships; and help clients form appropriate boundaries, structure and routine. We also assist multi-generational, blended, divorced, traditional, and non-traditional families facing a variety of intricate issues.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

We offer after-school programing for kids ages 4-17 who need additional social and therapeutic support. During this time, kids participate in therapeutic groups, art therapy, eco-therapy, social skill development, life skills, play-based therapy, sensory play, and executive functioning activities. Kids are given the opportunity to engage with peers of similar age groups to assist in further developing social skills such as boundaries, interpersonal conflict, relationship building, and other important developmental skills.

Additional Services

  • Individual Therapies
  • Individual or Family Counseling
  • LGBTQ+ Groups and Counseling (including pediatrics)
  • Gender-Affirming Therapeutic Interventions
  • Foster Parent Support
  • Pre & Post Adoption Services
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Kinship Support
  • Aid for Youth Aging out of the Foster Care System (“Careleavers”)

                                            We Are Certified With NationalCPRFoundation


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