Sustainable Family Services

 We provide mental health, wellness, and educational services to children and
families—including those in high-conflict and high-risk situations.

Everyone deserves the chance to flourish emotionally, socially, physically, and nutritionally.
Our award-winning team can help!


Sustainable Family Services, LLC, provides mental health, wellness, and educational services to individuals, couples, children, and families—including those in high-risk and high-conflict situations. By maximizing community resources, utilizing a unique variety of therapeutic techniques, and addressing the special needs of each client, we create long-term success for families and communities. Everyone deserves the chance to flourish emotionally, socially, physically, and nutritionally. Our team can help!


Sustainable Family Services, LLC’s award-winning team is committed to providing personalized individual, group, family, and telecounseling services. Our specialties include complicated family dynamics, relationships, children in crisis; and we frequently work with foster and adoptive families. We also offer continuing education opportunities, professional development, and training and support to parents, community members, educators, social service providers, youth, and other professionals.


Sustainable Family Services, LLC is an open admission practice hoping to make access to services and mental health more affordable and attainable for all. We offer a sliding scale for low-income clients and students, and we accept numerous insurances—including Medicare and Medicaid. We work closely with vetted, quality community partners and Court systems to help bridge service gaps and provide a robust support system for clients. Our affirming practice does not adhere to any exclusionary policies including age, race, gender, individual ethnic background, religion, education, marital status, or sexual orientation. You are safe here!

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Mental Health

Our office is a judgement-free space where clients can process a crisis, daily problems, toxic relationships, common stressors, or any unexpected life circumstances. Let’s work together to create a plan that includes healing, productivity, mindfulness, and reestablish positive
connections to the world around you.


Are you meeting your mental, nutritional, physical, emotional, and social goals? If not, we can help! We take a holistic approach to serving clients and utilize unique treatment modalities to address key problems and concerns. We’re here to help you be resilient in all areas, despite whatever
circumstances you may have faced.

Psychosocial skills

Psychosocial skills are vitally important when working with children. We have
created an after school program for kids ages 4-17. Many of our young students have been dismissed from other academic programs and need a place where their emotional and social needs are put first.

Strong Families. Stronger Communities.

If you are interested in donating to our efforts, or volunteering with The Foundation for Sustainable Families, please see the many ways we support & aid families & children.

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