Animal-Assisted Therapy

Pets are our favorite partners!

We partner with a number of organizations to incorporate equestrian and other therapies into our practice.

In our offices, our primary Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) Program is operated with the use of rescue dogs from local shelters. We work with a specialist to identify dogs that would make good therapeutic or emotional support companions; then foster, train, and certify the dogs to work with our clients and families.

For this program, we are always seeking qualified foster homes or donations of time and supplies for our rescue dogs!  

We also offer a specialized training and certification for families, social workers, child protection workers, educators, or volunteers that already have pets but work with children (such as Guardian ad Litem or CASA—Court Appointed Special Advocates).  This has allowed areas to incorporate Courtroom Dog programs, calm children in the midst of removal or traumatic situations, engage families during visitation, comfort children during testimonies, interviews, or exams, help clinicians identifying undiagnosed or undisclosed depression, meltdowns, or mental illness, predict and manage a child’s meltdown or tantrum; and ultimately provide a sense of security to both the client and owner.