• Mission

    We provide mental health, wellness, and educational services to high-conflict/high-risk individuals and families in need.  By maximizing community resources, utilizing a variety of therapeutic techniques, and addressing the unique needs of each member, we aim to create long-term success for families and communities.  Every child deserves the chance to flourish emotionally, socially, physically, and nutritionally in a safe, loving home.

  • Vision

    Sustainable Family Services, LLC, is committed to strengthening families, aiding women, raising awareness about the need for foster and adoptive homes, and providing training and support to parents, community members, youth, and professionals.  We work to stop the cycles of abuse, poverty, and neglect that can cripple a family and society.

  • Values

    We believe that every child deserves to be raised in a sustainable, permanent, loving environment.  As an agency, it is our goal to meet the individual needs of our clients and families in an effort to strengthen the entire familial system.  We offer extensive therapeutic services, classes, trainings, workshops, and work closely with community partners to meet a variety of needs and bridge service gaps. We do not adhere to exclusionary policies for clients, including age, race, gender, individual ethnic background, religion, education, marital status, or sexual orientation.